I’m not really sure, Amanda. Olive oil? Add lavender buds and lavender essential oil. I used your recipe for this lavender scrub and i’m gonna give it to my ladyfriend. What can i do about this? Once you have your scrub mixed together, package it in air-tight containers. I used some culinary lavender that I bought at the Mt. Stir until completely mixed together. May 2020. Use any time to restore moisture and clear away dead skin. Lavender Sugar Scrub . wide mouth Ball jars Young Living Lavender Essential Oil Lavender Body Scrub. Other liquid oils can be used, just keep in mind the aroma of the oil you decide to use. They are the best thing ever to restore moisture to dry hands or feet. Also, can i use lavender oil instead of fresh? 26 Aug. Enjoy the calming and relaxing scent of lavender! The sugar and oils are great for hydrating and exfoliating the skin. Tutorial – Lavender Sugar Scrub for Mom. CLICK TO GET THE 2021 PRINTABLE CALENDAR! It still looks, smells and works just a well as the first day! I prefer not to use this salt scrub on my face as I find it too abrasive but if you’d like to use it on your face, you can. DIY Herbal Body Scrub – Lavender Chamomile. It not only smells fabulous but does a great job at moisturizing dry skin, thanks to the coconut oil addition. I am going to make these in small decorated mason jars for bridal shower give always!….so easy, pretty! If you’re not lucky enough to have lavender growing in your backyard, you can Order It Online or check your natural/health grocery store. These 23 Sugar Scrub Recipes are always popular and worth a try! Great for use in the shower or bath and before bed time. Regarding the lavender oil, I’ve seen lotions and scrubs that do use the oil instead of dried lavender. When I found out how easy it is to make scrubs at home I felt a little silly for spending $10-20 on them for years! The sugar is a cheap exfoliator that most people already have in their pantry. COUNTRY LIVING. Farmhouse Pillows: Best Sources The coconut oil is edible, so it’s perfectly safe to use on your skin. All About Hostas Package in air-tight containers. We have been completely and utterly in love with our new essential oils and discovered this simple gift the kids can make. 2 Tb Grapeseed Oil. Rub a little bit of the scrub on your body or between your hands with a little bit of water. To soften the coconut oil, microwave the jar for a few seconds before measuring. Shade Plants for Containers So over the weekend, the girls and I did some experimenting, and we came up with a gentle, refreshing lavender peppermint sugar scrub. You can create easy variations like lemon, vanilla or peppermint. jars of scrub. Hi! As soon as I sprayed on Lavender Eau de Toilette, I was smitten. I adore DIY self care products, but some days I don’t have the energy to make a full on spa kit. I even saw some at TJ Maxx today. Don’t forget to pin this post so you can find it later. Essential Oils, Lavender Projects, Sugar Scrubs. I was maybe 15 and had walked into a Crabtree & Evelyn store without knowing what it was. The ones I have used before had rather large crystals. Sprinkle a few more lavender flowers on top and drizzle with a small amount of grapeseed oil. Hi there! Hi Maria!I usually use plain white sugar or sea salt. Thankyou. A delightfully floral body scrub with a dash of mint that will leave your skin silky smooth. I prefer coconut oil but any kind of oil can be used. If you want to make more, just multiply the three basic ingredients: ½ cup sugar, 2 ½ tablespoons coconut oil, and 10-15 drops of lavender … This homemade body scrub recipe will save you a lot of money. Apply your favorite skin moisturizer or oil. grab a wide mouth half pint mason jar.This is important, since the recipe is tailored to fit exactly in this jar. I remember the first time I smelled the scent of lavender. I can practically smell the lavender! I was wondering, what kind of sugar do you use, or salt for that matter? Canola and olive oil are good choices but keep in mind the olive oil adds a light green tint to the scrub. Ready to get started on making your own batch of exfoliating body scrub? Keep this Homemade Body Scrub Recipe on hand for those last minutes holiday gifts. Simply have a look inside your pantry and find all the incredible natural ingredients you can use to make a DIY body scrub that will surpass all your expectations! Grab a handful of this salt scrub recipe and begin scrubbing all over your body in circular motions. However you want to do it . Is okay to just use coconut oil? Spoon the scrub into a glass jar and screw the lid on tight. It will just be thicker due to the coconut oil. Yes, I’m a worrier. While the lavender adds a calming scent and makes this homemade scrub extra pretty. ADD YOUR PHOTO. This Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub recipe is an easy homemade DIY to pamper yourself or give as a lovely gift.A homemade sugar scrub that’s all-natural since it contains essentials oils and smells wonderful!. REDBOOK How to Make Lavender Sugar Scrub. I find I use about half this recipe but scrub so you’ll get 2, maybe 3 uses out of this recipe. It really does work miracles on abused hands. The ratio for any sugar scrub is 1 cup sugar to 1/4 cup oil. My honest opinion is that a less expensive oil would work just as well. On low power, melt the coconut oil in the microwave. If you’ve never made a sugar scrub, you are in for a treat. Good Luck . I always use sugar scrub on my hands after gardening. Follow WonkyWonderful on Pinterest to stay up to date on all of the new recipes! Ingredients: 1/2 cup coconut oil; 2 cups sugar; 15-20 drops lavender essential oil; UPDATE – There were a few comments from people that live in different climates. For Members Only: The OSP Printables Library, How The Blog Began…And A Little Bit About Me, « Chicken Pot Pies with Puff Pastry Crust. Vitamin E infused Body Scrub Recipe. If your scrub contains other ingredients (e.g., flower petals or … These last on the counter for up to 2 months (or more). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sugar scrubs are nourishing to skin and exfoliating. Rinse with warm water to remove excess oils. They just require a mixing bowl and at sturdy spoon, with only 10 minutes from start to finish! I noticed the coconutoil goes from firm to thin, but when you but it in the fridge it goesa hard like a rock. I love homemade scrubs, lotions and other beauty products. Enjoy! You can buy lavender at natural stores, specialty food stores or, of course, online. Zesty Grapefruit Sugar Scrub. I know, right!?! Hi everyone! I usually use C&H or Baker’s sugar . To soften the coconut oil, microwave the jar for a few seconds before measuring. Using your fingers (or a bath pouf), massage the sugar scrub into your skin in a circular motion. How to Store. Thanks Nicole! As long as it is kept in a sealed, clean container it will last for several months … and probably longer. Kitchen Cabinet Organization Series. They’re a favorite of mine because they simultaneously exfoliate your skin while deeply moisturizing it at the same time. Specifically, what type of sugar or brand do you use. Hi Nicole, can I whipped the coconut oil and transfer the sugar and lavender slowly in the process? Article image from – savynaturalista. DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub - Homemade Body Scrub Recipe with Essential Oil + Free Printable Gift Label. DIY Lavender Body Scrub Ingredients: ½ Cup White Sugar ¼ Cup Extra Virgin-Organic Coconut Oil 2 drops lavender essential oil 1 drop red food coloring (optional) 1 drop blue food coloring (optional) Ingredients: 1 cup of organic white sugar (or sugar of choice) 3/4 cup sea salt; 1/2 cup of coconut oil (warm it up to become liquid if it is in solid form) 1/4 cup almond oil (or carrier oil of choice, see above for ideas) 1 tbsp. I used grapeseed oil because it does not have an odor. Nobody want to be slip-sliding around in the tub! https://www.lovingessentialoils.com/.../himalayan-salt-scrub-recipe where can I purchase the lavender ready to use? It is still, to this day, my favorite scent. This Lavender Epsom Salt Face & Body Scrub: Moisturizes; Exfoliates; Helps prevent/relieve acne; Makes your skin soft; May help relax tense muscles; Of course, Epsom salts are the star ingredient, but this body scrub also contains: Lavender, vitamin E oil, and argan oil. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you click on a link or make a purchase through the link, I will receive a small commission. This homemade sugar scrub is so easy to make. Can you use any thing else besides 1 Tb Unrefined Coconut Oil (liquid state) Wow, I had no idea it was so easy to make a body scrub (not like I have much experience in that area anyway, though). That’s it, you have an inexpensive homemade gift that your family and friends are sure to love. Yes, you can substitute the coconut oil for a different oil. Thanks Tanya, this does smell really fabulous! Yes, of course. DIY Lavender Eucalyptus Salt Glow Scrub Recipe with Essential Oils. I am still using a batch of scrub that I made over 6 months ago. They can be used as a hand scrub or on the whole body in a relaxing bath. Reach in for more handfuls if you run out. I love the idea of … Soften coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds before measuring. dried lavender bundles I have lavendar bath salts that i dont use, do you think i could use that instead of sugar and lavender? Click HERE for my disclosure statement. If you carefully avoid the eyes, and rinse well, this lavender body scrub can be used on the face. I have tons of lavender left over from my Lavender Field Adventure earlier this year. This two cup recipe makes two 8 oz. Mix the oil and sugar together, add any fragrances and you’re done! I have had my sugar scrub sitting around for several months without any issues. At fancy body shops they can costs lots of money but did you know you can make your very own calming lavender sugar scrub for much less on your own. Yes, you can absolutely substitute the a different oil for the coconut oil. Yes, the coconut oil does harden when it is cold. BETTER HOMES & GARDENS DIY NETWORK Homemade Lavender Mint Body Scrub Recipe. Canola and olive oil are good choices but keep in mind the olive oil adds a light green tint to the scrub. personal and inexpensive!…thanks for the recipe! Here is the recipe. My son is allergic, and although he wouldn’t be using it, if he touches my skin he can have reactions. Mix the sugar and oils together with a fork or spoon. Also, I have a lavender plant at home. That action will be enhanced by the lavender … Would I need to prepare it at all, or could I just pick the flowers and add them in? I prefer coconut oil but any kind of oil can be used. Watercolor Printable Series: Flowers & Herbs Hi Olivia! I’m not sure how fresh lavender would do in a scrub. You can use the finer grain or larger. See how to make easy moisturizing DIY lavender sugar scrub with essential oils and coconut oil! It is so easy to make and takes just a minute or so. Ball jars but any sort of jar would work as long as the mouth is big enough to scoop out the scrub. Usually you mix the sugar:oil at a 2:1 ratio. I use wide mouth 8 oz. Yes, you can use a different oil if you prefer. It will make a lovely gift for friends or family and is simple enough for the children to do with your supervision. Fresh and zesty, this Grapefruit Sugar Scrub might just be tempting … November 9, 2013 By Nicole Harris 34 Comments. I am very happy with Rocky Mountain Oils and can purchase them through my Prime membership on Amazon. Quality body scrubs can be expensive, but luckily, with the right DIY body scrub recipes, you do not have to spend a fortune to keep your skin looking naturally healthy. You may want to pick some and let it dry. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Tutorial: Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe. This would make great teacher gifts. We also recommend our DIY Lavender … They are significantly less expensive and arrive so much faster. Learn how your comment data is processed. Try these natural homemade recipes for coffee body scrubs, as well as scrubs made from sugar, sea … I used Young Living Essential Oil for this post because I had it on hand. I will provide a list of sources at the end and include three different price points for lavender essential oil…that way you can decide which one is best for you. APARTMENT THERAPY I make up a batch every month and use different herbs or essential oils as I prefer. Hi Francine! https://wonkywonderful.com/lavender-sugar-homemade-body-scrub-recipe https://bydreamsfactory.com/2016/10/diy-rose-petal-lavender-sugar-scrub.html For the fellow (or the lady, or the sporty) mixing savory herbs with … I was wondering how long will these beautiful body scrubs last for? Gingerbread Body Scrub: My favorite recipe to give at Christmas. COUNTRY SAMPLER Fill a jar with your homemade sugar scrub, add ribbon and a tag. Personally, I don’t use it on my face, because I don’t need that much moisture. I still remember thinking that I wished I had a bunch of money so I could buy one of everything! Copyright 2018 • Wonky Wonderful • Log in, Banana Bread Dairy Free Smoothie Recipe », 5-10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil, optional. Easy and fast! I store my scrub in a glass jar and just run it under warm water before I need to use it. Or make a batch to pamper yourself with a spa night at home! On Sutton Place/Ann Drake is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. This simple exfoliating DIY herbal body scrub recipe with coconut oil, sugar, lavender, and chamomile leaves skin soft and refreshed! I would like larger grains for my scrubs. Check out these Homemade Body Scrub Recipes: If you love lavender: Lavender Honey Lemonade. Like instead of that. ). I actually used plain ol’ sugar. The pictures look like the grains of sugar are larger than what I normally find st the store. I have almost all the ingredients. Just make sure you are using lavender that hasn’t been doused in chemicals or pesticides. I think you could use your own lavender as long as there are no pesticides on it. Scoop 4 Tablespoons of coconut oil into a microwave safe bowl and microwave it on high until it's completely melted (about 25 seconds). MAKE IT SHINE! This post may contain affiliate links. Just the very thought of having my own lavender is all the incentive I need.