Remember your Algol? Fortran — which stands for Formula Translation — is designed for scientific algorithms and most often used by engineers and mathematicians for aerospace, mechanical and software engineering. Can you breeze through Fortran? Family Owned And Operated Pizzeria. The current International Standard is Fortran 2018, published on November 28, 2018. All of which are often used for scientific computing Warning: personal opinions will abound in this talk Based on factual reasons,but priorities differ I … And for particular new projects, Fortran is just as valid a choice as any other language. Fortran is still used because it works. Fortran is still used for numerics because it makes writing fast numerical code easy. Garden Pizza. Old does not necessarily mean obsolete, even in scientific computing. Because libraries are optimized and well understood. this is because fortran is simply a subset of the lexicon of modern imperative languages- it was the first imperative language created. Go a little further back, to the assembly languages used in early computing. No, absolutely not. If you use any imperative procedural language, you are already a fortran user! Fortran is used for scientific /numerical computing And,nowadays,it is used only for such requirements Still used for such tasks in embedded programming Things like aircraft controllers,chemical plants Compare with C++,Python,Matlab,S--Plusetc. Summarising, there is certainly no reason to switch to another language if you are building upon a well-maintained Fortran package. FORTRAN is traditionally used for scientific/engineering numerical computing for reasons of inertia as much as anything else, as well as having lots of specialized libraries. Becuase it is fast. Those fancy new languages from the … FORTRAN, like C, is a "super assembler" that lets you get close to the metal without adding a lot of fluff to make programming easier, or protect you from yourself -- Programming for Real Men(tm). Know Cobol? Fortran is far from a dead language. Fortran is still used today in scientific and research projects, for example, weather calculations, computational fluid dynamics, and computational physics and chemistry. Fortran is still used because gasp … You can still learn the language in many college computer science programs. It is still being developed. Fortran is a computer programming language that is extensively used in numerical, scientific computing. Mark Roest. C simply wasn't designed for it, just as Fortran wasn't designed for low level system/OS programming. While outwith the scientific community, Fortran has declined in popularity over the years, it still has a strong user base with scientific programmers, and is also used in organisations such as weather forecasters, financial trading, and in engineering simulations. Not C or C++. This applies to people who program in vb (pre dotnet) or c. Or even to pseudo-object oriented languages like c++. Before, oh, 1990, the only competition to Fortran was C — in the target market of high performance computing. smarnachon Dec … Menu Home; About; Menu; Contact