(JP): In a world of absolute zero, even the heart of a knight that burns with justice will freeze. Ride! CV Season 4: (EN): Arise and destroy my avatar! Aichi, once again, called him his avatar. Touken Ranbu -ONLINE + VT01. !Featuring the Trial Decks for both Aichi Sendou’s 《Royal Paladin》 and Toshiki Kai’s 《Kagero》! Throughout the match Ren tempts Aichi to use his PSY Qualia ability but Aichi constantly refuses while Ren constantly uses PSY Qualia to cause Aichi to feel the pain of each of Ren's attacks. I ride King of Knights, Alfred! (JP): Give me the power with your noble white wings! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They reach the final stages of the fight, and Ibuki attempts to Delete Alfred but is shocked to find that he can't. She and Aichi have a close friendship. Skip to main content.de Hello, Sign in. Previous 1 - 1 of 1 Results ... Cardfight Vanguard » Legend Deck - The Blaster Aichi Sendou. In the beginning of the series, he was used by Cray as one of the keys in the war between the Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladins. Set: G-LD03 The Blaster Aichi Sendou Code: G-LD03/005EN Near Mint 157 items £ 0.20 £0.18 During the fight, Ibuki's Deletor units are revealed to the audience and Aichi. Then Aichi is greeted by Kouji Ibuki who asks for his name and wonders why he was chosen as Blaster Blade's Vanguard. Upon returning to Card Capital, Miwa shows himself and reveals that Kai has been reversed all for the sake of facing Aichi. Not wanting to disappoint her, he agreed to it while Misaki calmly watched from a far. G Season 4: Aichi teaches him how to play Vanguard, and introduces his new deck. 246 people like this. V Extra Booster 12: Team Dragon's Vanity! Aichi Sendou est un collégien ordinaire, qui joue au jeu à la mode : Cardfight!! Takuto explains to Aichi that beating him at his strongest will activate the best of Aichi's PSY Qualia, strengthening Aichi's connection with Blaster Blade, and Undeleting him. His agony had caused Kourin to be involved in his situation when she was transported to his location, regaining her memories and a card Photon, which represents their pact appears after some of his powers was transferred to her. V Extra Booster 10: The Mysterious Fortune, V Special Series 08: DAIGO Special Expansion Set V, V Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020, V Special Series 06: Special Deck Set Majesty Lord Blaster, Interdimensional Dragon, Beyond Order Dragon, https://cardfight.fandom.com/wiki/Aichi_Sendou?oldid=2870189. (JP): Repel the darkness with the brilliance of your proud soul! Trials endured every day. Was $0.99 Sale $0.64. Recent Sets; V-BT12 Divine Lightning Radiance. Volume 1 Aichi Sendou is the main character of Cardfight!! He is also the main protagonist of the 2014 movie, Neon Messiah, along with Toshiki Kai. Blaster Blade! Aichi fights on with his Seekers (his boss card being Alfred EXIV), but is soon overpowered by Oksizz's unbelievable skill. 3 Near Mint $4.99. Aichi is seen at the end of episode 164, sitting on a throne at an unknown location. After many losses against Takuto and his Ezel deck, Aichi's life force begins to fade. (JP/EN dub): Stand up, my avatar! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With a full field, he defeats Takuto and liberates the world from reverse and Link Joker. C $95.80. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Blood Type: B The main protagonist of the original "Cardfight!! In episode 66, he fights Takuto Tatsunagi, who has a Gold Paladin deck. Aichi is taking part in Asia Circuit and travels around Asia to fight different fighters, along with the rest of Team Q4. Fast shipping and friendly customer service. At that time, he felt that there was no other way to save Earth and Cray from Link Joker other than to disappear from the world. Rare Board Games, mtg, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, rpg, Role Playing Games, Dungeons and Dragons, and many more games and supplies for sale. Although Kamui, at first, was treating Aichi with kindness to see if Emi would like him, but eventually Kamui learned to enjoy Aichi's company. The Sanctuary's foundation, which was formed by Aichi's will, has the ability to erase memories of an individual connected to him if they lose a cardfight, with the exception of the Knights and Kourin (due to making a pact with him to protect him and Planet Cray). Vanguard Trial Deck V1 - Aichi Sendou - Royal Paladi New. Episode 1 Vanguard. (JP): You need comrades to fight. As things appear to be back to normal, he is challenged by a still reversed Kai impressed by his strength and resolve, but a little disappointed to know that his fated final opponent is actually Aichi whom he already beaten. He is also the main protagonist of Cardfight!! Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . À propos du programme. Blaster Blade From: $4.99 . Absolute lock! of 1. 15: Messiah Dragon of Rebirth. Later on, he is shown to lead his club on a hike trip around the camp site that the whole academy is taking as a relaxing trip. Kanji: After taking a look at Aichi's deck, Shin decides to show him "something nice". His relationship to Blaster Blade is a special one. $107.35. He is very caring and offers to buy Chrono and Kamui drinks. Vanguard” begins in May 2018! The new animation series for “Cardfight!! Blood Type: Break ride! His civilian clothing shown so far is a varying colored jacket of dark purple and white while having a light purple sweater underneath. 1 Deck 1.1 Season 1 1.2 Season 2 1.3 Season 3 1.4 Season 4 1.5 NEXT 1.6 Movie: Neon Messiah 1.7 Manga 2 Chants 3 Battles 3.1 Season 1 3.2 Season 2 3.3 Season 3 3.4 Season 4 3.5 Movie: Neon Messiah 3.6 Season 8 3.7 Season 9 3.8 Manga Royal Paladin At the beginning of the series, Aichi is revealed to possess a Royal Paladin deck. Cardfight!! His new ace unit, Star-vader, Blaster Joker's Legion skill allows him to lock all of his opponent's units at once. (EN dub): Rising up from the darkness, My Avatar! 299 people follow this. Vanguard. As he enters Card Capital, all his friends are there waiting for him, including Kai who has been waiting to battle him. He states that Kai should stay with his friends in that case and instead of walking away from them. Aichi manages to break through impressing even Kai with how strong he has become. Enemies Liberator of Bonds, Gancelot Zenith! CardFight!! When two of the seals were frozen by Serra's powers in episode 185, Aichi was possessed by Link Joker, striking Kourin with his dark powers. Naoki … Aichi Sendou + VT02. Autrefois, Kai Toshiki en faisait également parti. (EN dub): Warrior wrapped in scorching heat, bring order to this battlefield with your explosive flames! Browse. Misaki Tokura + VT06. Vanguard manga, Aichi (during the Link Joker arc) becomes a very cold person under the influence of Psy Qualia Zombie's effect. Vanguard. Despite that, there are a few flaws as Kai was not affected by it possibly due to Blaster Blade's arrival in Kai's dream. Fellowship Circle! Q4 then bump into Team S.I.T Genius, where Aichi discovers that Christopher Lo has been completely consumed by PSY Qualia. 01: Aichi Sendou. Cardfight!! Majesty Lord Blaster! Aichi, realizing the danger of having such strength using a dark power, resolves to personally defeat him and release him from Reverse. James Beach V-BT10 Phantom Dragon Aeon. I maintain my hand and Blaster Blade gets a huge power boost of 10,000 power. The next day, Aichi and Team Q4 take off on a private plane to be transported to the Scramble Tournament, with most of the Miyaji High School characters there to see them off. He earned the respect of Neve through their first cardfight, even as far as Neve addressing him as 'Lord'. Dark Spirits! Male Add to Cart. They didn't get along too well though they learned to enjoy each other company. King of Knights! As Takuto is being absorbed back into the void, he tries to take Aichi with him but the real Takuto regains control of the body and drags him into the void with him. Voice Actor(s) Aichi Sendou est un jeune garçon timide qui est en troisième année de lycée. Aichi cares a great deal for Emi, though their relationship is slightly reversed from that of normal siblings with Emi often taking care of him. Vanguard: Legion Mate-hen Several days after the mortal battle against Link Joker which embroils the whole world, the world has returned to peace. Shin has Aichi battle Misaki Tokura, who, despite working at the card shop, has never actually participated in a Vanguard fight before. "Aichi Sendou" is the main protagonist of Cardfight!! Au total le deck est composé de 50 cartes + 3 Gift Markers. Under the influence of the seed, Aichi uses a Link Joker deck based on the Star-vaders. (JP): Enter the fray, King of all Knights! Suiko then manifests two spheres of energy, one of darkness and the other of light, and says that Ren chose the path of darkness and now Aichi must choose his path, and presumably a new card. Il contient 4 Perfect Guard, Alfred Early, Blaster Blade et Knight of Silence, Gallatin. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Blaster Blade told Aichi that he will always be with him. Aichi receives the physical and emotional pain of Blaster Blade's death and is eliminated from the tournament. Aichi continues to play Vanguard with his friends at Card Shop Capital, thus progressively getting better at the game until he places fourth in the Card Shop Tournament. Liberator of the Round Table, Alfred! (JP): The depth of space, where all heat dies. In episode 166, he is seen in Ishida's dream telling him he cannot be with them. In season 4, their bond becomes stronger. Aichi Sendou (先導 アイチ, Sendō Aichi) Voiced by: Tsubasa Yonaga (Japanese); James Beach (English) Birthday: June 6 Star Sign: Gemini. In response Kai rides the unit that defines himself, Dragonic Overlord but soon takes it a step further by Crossbreak Riding Dragonic Overlord "The Яe-birth" and demonstrate to him the power Link Joker had given him. The last few minutes of the film show Aichi and Team Q4 talking to the real Ibuki as he heads off to find a new path. When Aichi and Misaki head over, they find that the black ring hovering over the school is disappearing. Forgot account? Ren gives him the Shadow Paladin deck, which completely corrupts him and causes him to abandon his Royal Paladins in favor of the new clan. He is also a member of Team Quadrifoglio, or "Q4" for short, consisting of himself, Toshiki Kai, Misaki Tokura, and Kamui Katsuragi. Home / CardFight Vanguard / V Trial Deck / V Trial Deck 01 Aichi Sendou / V Trial Deck 01 Aichi Sendou V Trial Deck 01 Aichi Sendou ¥1,400 Realease Date May 11 A constructed deck consisting of 50 cards and 3 Gift Markers. Blaster BladeBlaster Blade Exceed Before the Knights arrival to the palace after he managed to convince them, he holds back Link Joker to buy some time. ( when using Liberator, Monarch Sanctuary Alfred's Limit break). In episode 177, Aichi is seen seating on his throne, addressing his mates. He is very timid and shy, but the Blaster Blade card brings out his great warrior spirit within. He and Aichi get along quite well. Vanguard: Zoku Koukousei-hen Aichi Sendou and the Miyaji Cardfight Club aim the win the national championship, but problems arise after the timeline has been rewritten and taken Kourin off the team. A rerun series of the original Cardfight Vanguard with Aichi Sendou, the rest of Q4, and other old characters from the origInal series. Toshiki Kai + VT03. Bushiroad Cardfight Vanguard Sleeve Aichi Sendou Liberator of the Sanctuary . I ride the King of Knights Alfred! It's also revealed that Aichi is on some sort of mission but it is as Ren and Leon discuss, Aichi appears to be shouldering a really heavy burden by himself. (EN): He isn't afraid to fight alone, a hero who seeks power with the aid of his friends! Nonetheless, after Shin gives Misaki a special deck, she and Aichi begin their cardfight. Free shipping . The next day, he and the others worked together to enjoy their time on the trip. Light can only be swallowed up by darkness! Vanguard media franchise. Vanguard. (JP): Enter the fray, ruler of all knights! In episode 193, he uses a different Link Joker deck during a cardfight against Kai. The Blaster “Aichi Sendou” Legend Deck is the third Legend Deck to be released by Bushiroad. Vangaado カード … He also exhibited some physical strength and was deceptively fast despite his looks, when he saves Kourin Tatsunagi from the Link Joker miasma in the nick of time and carrying her to the throne. As an alternative, the Student Council President challenged them to face Hitsue High's Cardfight Club, rewarding them with approval and an advisor should they win. It was then Kourin uses her deck to absorb his dark powers, allowing him to relax. He has grown taller and his hair has grown noticeably as well. When he learned that Kai was guided by Blaster Blade, he showed him the card, only to be corrupted by Link Joker, as Star-vader, Blaster Joker. Although Q4 also receives invitations to participate in the circuit in other countries, Q4 are denied their finals victories by the newly re-formed Team AL4, now led by Kai, and Team Dreadnought, led by Leon Soryu, who entered the circuit in order to revive a legendary clan known as Aqua Force. A few days after the tournament, Aichi runs to Card Capital to see his friends while saying that he can no longer use PSY Qualia. He faces off against Morikawa whose deck was switched out in favor of Kai's Kagerō deck which utilized Dragonic Overlord The End and the Kagerō's new Break Ride as a way for Kai to test him. The card Companion Star Star-vader, Photon appears as Kourin's avatar. V-SS04 Majesty Lord Blaster. Pellinore's now sitting in the Vanguard Circle! Aichi couldn't picture himself any stronger at that moment, but the card gave him courage. Clans:All 24 clans excluding: ー Touken Ranbu ー Etranger ※ Includes 8 types of Cray Elemental Fictional Character . From United States +C $24.66 shipping estimate. Card Fight Vanguard Harmonics Messiah Sleeve. Kai is quite supportive of Aichi though only when Aichi learned how to do things by himself and become more confident. When starting to play Vanguard, he believes more in himself, becoming a powerful Vanguard Fighter. He was briefly seen again in Turn 1 looking at Ibuki's message regarding Plan G on his phone. At the end of the episode, he is the one who gives Chrono Interdimensional Dragon, Beyond Order Dragon. !Experience the new “Imaginary Gift” system!Strengthen these decks directly with Booster Pack Vol.01 “Unite! V-EB15 Twinkle Melody. Older Brother of Emi Sendou ; friend of Toshiki Kai. Consequently, Kai set out to find Aichi and becomes the main protagonist during this period, although the spotlight is still on him. from the story Vanguard : Finding a Friend by JaninneSudjatmiko (Janinne Sudjatmiko) with 193 reads. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. (JP): Stand up, my avatar! He was shown as a shadow. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. When starting to play Vanguard, he believes more in himself, becoming a powerful Vanguard Fighter. As Aichi continues to use Blaster Joker to retire his mate, Kai struck back continuously seeking back his mate until finally, Kai defeated him with a quadruple critical trigger check. I ride Solitary Liberator, Gancelot! Legend Deck - The Blaster "Aichi Sendou" Share. I ride! Season 1 & 2: Team Q4Season 3: Cardfight Club RRR (12) Notes: G-LD03/009. Line up in the world of despair! Not much is known about his relationship to the Knights. At the beginning of the series, Aichi is revealed to possess a Royal Paladin deck. Cardfight Vanguard V1 Aichi Sendou Trial Deck VGE-V-VTD01 Brand: Busbi. With this card, Q4 are finally able to win the Japan leg of the VF Circuit. Unwavering, he challenges Reversed Takuto to a cardfight. When Kai uses Aichi's own plan to seal himself against him, he was shaken by Kai's question and became doubtful of his own thought of sacrificing oneself to save others. Submit deck list. V-BT10 Phantom Dragon Aeon. Afterwards, when he re-discovers the Royal Paladins, Aichi realizes that he has forged a bond with his Gold Paladin allies and cannot bear the thought of simply abandoning them. Cardfight Vanguard Pale Moon/ Silver Thorn Luquier Premium Deck. When he was younger, Aichi was a very shy and lonely boy who was frequently bullied at school. (EN dub): Spreading its black wings to cast a shadow over this battlefield! Vanguard G and Blaster Blade will join him. By this time, he has short hair but still maintaining his signature right hair bang and has significantly grown taller. From: $0.64 . They enter the temple and are greeted by many familiar faces, in the audience and from the competitors. or Best Offer. A year after the battle in the moon palace, the remaining knights still kept in contact with their former leader, signifying their undying bond with Aichi; and up today, Ratie still follows Aichi wherever he goes. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Cardfight Vanguard VGE-V-TD01-EN Aichi Sendou Trial Deck at the best online prices at ebay! Includes 1 Aichi Sendou Fighter's Counter. When Aichi was younger, he was bullied and beaten a lot by the at his kids at school. Vanguard » The Blaster "Aichi Sendou" » Triple Rare Singles. 4.9 out of 5 stars 130 ratings | 16 answered questions Currently unavailable. (EN): The night is always darkest before the dawn! He respects Kai, and sets his sights on getting recognition from him by battling him. After the Link Joker invasion, in between the events of season 3 and 4, he was able to meet the respective Quatre Knights locations, even though it was unexplained how he was able to arrive there. His forename primarily refers to the Aichi prefecture of Chubu, Japan. Ren and Leon both declined the offer and they decided to stay neutral due to their own reasons. Aichi shares the same birthday date as Takaaki Kidani, CEO of. Based on his cardfighting ability and place in Miyaji, Aichi is highly intelligent and perceptive, though this is mostly hidden by his shyness. He is also a member of Team Quadrifoglio, or "Q4" for short, consisting of himself, Toshiki Kai, Misaki Tokura, and Kamui Katsuragi. Card Fight Vanguard VGE V-Shaped TD01 en Aichi Sendou Trial Deck: Amazon.de: Spielzeug. Team Q4 finally arrives on the island, prepared to fight, but Aichi, seeing a temple up ahead, recognizes it from his visions. (JP): May your noble power rain down and become the world's bond! Genius Aichi sees Takuto in a car driving away and proceeds to give chase. V Extra Booster 10: The Mysterious Fortune, V Special Series 08: DAIGO Special Expansion Set V, V Special Series 07: PREMIUM COLLECTION 2020, V Special Series 06: Special Deck Set Majesty Lord Blaster, Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes, White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore, https://cardfight.fandom.com/wiki/Aichi_Sendou/Data?oldid=2818278. First Appearances (カードファイト! ヴァンガード 続・高校生編, Kādofaito! Ren noted that he received Phantom Blaster Overlord from Suiko in the process. He is also seen directly on the final episode, showing that he is helping Plan G (GIRS Crisis), with riding his avatar Blaster Blade, alongside with Ratie and his friends. September 1 (Friday), 2017. C $34.49. Aichi lives with his mother and little sister, Emi. Using PSY Qualia's power, he then begins to unleash his full power on Ren, causing Ren to feel the attack from Aichi's units just as Ren had done to Aichi previously. This fits your . Aichi eventually succumbs to the temptation after he calls Blaster Dark to his Rear Guard. Harmonics Messiah then appears in Aichi's hand during his turn and Aichi preforms the first stride in the Vanguard World, merging the fates of Brandt, Cray, and Earth, and defeating the Deletors. Blaster Blade. Vanguard-related event, is still quite unsure and nervous, but this side of him completely vanishes whenever he plays. Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel! It appears that her caring has turned into a slight crush on him. Log In. Aichi manages to hold off long enough in order to Ride Alfred and fill up his field and superior calling Blaster Blade for Alfred's Ultimate Break. He loses the Nationals to the Teams Jurassic Army and AL4 in the third match, but gained a lot of experience because of it. Fast shipping and friendly customer service. Cardfight!! Includes 1 Aichi Sendou Special Deck Holder. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose … Toshiki KaiKamui KatsuragiMisaki TokuraNaoki IshidaKourin TatsunagiShingo KomoiTaishi MiwaRen SuzugamoriLeon SoryuOlivier GaillardPhilippe NeveRatie CurtiKenji MitsusadaChrono ShindouKouji IbukiArata NishizawaMakoto AsadaKazumi Onimaru Biography Edit. Season 1: Ren SuzugamoriSeason 2: Leon SoryuSeason 3: ReverseMovie: Kouji Ibuki $16.99 + $10.00 shipping . All Sets; BT01 Descent of the King of Knights. His wish to prevent the incident from happening again was apparent as he was able to hold back Link Joker for a prolonged time despite the clan's efforts to break his soul and body. After the High School VF tournament he modifies his deck to include Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore in order to fill up his field with its multi-calling skill and to return triggers back to the deck. BT01 … V-SD03 Start Deck Blaster Dark. Shy Aichi has been bullied since he was young. At first, she was annoyed at him though she learned to care about him after seeing what he was going through. Cardfight Vanguard The Blaster Legend Deck G-LD03 Aichi Sendou Royal Paladin. (JP/EN dub): Enter the fray! Tempted by the promise of strength, he willingly takes the power of Reverse and the Link Joker clan so he can face Aichi one on one as his equal. Featured Clans:Nubatama. Aichi Sendou Legend Deck? Gender: Appear from the everlasting darkness! Before the arrival of the Quatre Knights to the Sanctuary, some of his powers were transferred to Kourin and a card Companion Star Star-vader, Photon appears as Kourin's avatar, showing his ability to create cards like Suiko and giving Kourin the ability to use Link Joker on her own free will, despite being under Link Joker's control himself during the cardfight against Philippe Neve. In Season 4, Kai seems more assured about preserving his bond with Aichi who he considers as his "mate", going through great lengths to bring Aichi back. Ren goes over his fight with Kouji, revealing that he is the one responsible for the deletion of the cards all over the world, and warns Team Q4 about Ibuki and his "Alien" like deck. (JP/EN dub): Stand up my avatar! Upon arrival at the shop, Kai and Aichi see Team Asteroid surrounded by his friends with blank black cards scattered on the table in front of them. For her help has shown to have a teacher to advise them is n't afraid to fight different fighters along... Shown so far is a special deck, the Club any Cardfight!,! It appears that her caring has turned into a universal bond SELECTION PLUS Vol.1, v special series 10 CLAN..., follows him and shows off Alfred 's Limit break ) was very distant the first time soul. In Gaillard, even admitting his fears and telling them how others have given him strength during their first,. The Bluish flames ;... Категория: Cardfight! a name originates from invasion... Turn the respective Quatre Knights at the Sanctuary, Kourin asked Aichi to to. Revealed to the Aichi prefecture of Chubu, Japan respective Quatre Knights 's to! First was rocky danger of having such strength using a Shadow over this battlefield with explosive... He uses a Gold Paladin as his main deck which were originally Royal Paladin Brand: Cardfight!! Much is known about his actions 3, Aichi visits the card that his. Is confronted by Ren Suzugamori MOVIE: Neon Messiah his PSY Qualia also fought ruthlessly during his fight against....: where there is light, there is darkness advise them also retires his 's! World from the competitors barely managed to delay his victory, frustrating him in many different situations and may! Superior Ride white Hare in the grip of a fight forth King of.! Riding Alfred against Takuto and his Team made it first out of the Bluish ;! Name originates from the competitors Kamui drinks he comes back to Chrono Shindou was past. Third Legend deck - the Blaster `` Aichi '' as a name originates from the hand or soul gain. Moment Aichi receives the physical and emotional pain of Blaster Blade and Blaster Blade the Man'yōshū, the! Flashes back to reality and is ready to fight alone, a unit with Blaster Blade back Link to... Retrait, essayant de ne pas se démarquer Chubu, Japan other students are rather impressed at moment. Appearing he is confronted by Leon who plans on facing Kai and Ibuki begins with Aichi confronting Ibuki his! Each other when not Cardfighting and Miwa is very supportive of each other eventually becoming schoolmates in the acceptance a... To rest and absorbed the miasma from her deck to utterly defeat Kourin but now, no one of proud... And they decided to stay neutral due to their own reasons defeat him and off! Both Aichi Sendou is the main protagonist of Cardfight! Kai is quite particularly short compared to characters...: next, he was bullied and beaten a lot for everyone and the and! A friendly competition the process Komoi and Misaki wondered what was happening stock - + Add to Cart more! He faces against Naoki who is glad that he 's back at card Capital for the first break! Battle, Aichi is taking part in Asia Circuit and travels around Asia to fight,... To Neck length were originally Royal Paladin Brand: Busbi very timid and shy, but Kai Aichi... Hope freezes and Takuto knight that burns with justice will freeze to Foo '. Any stronger at that dark purple and white while having a light purple underneath. But after encountering `` Vanguard '', Aichi visits the card that began his journey, new. Chrono Interdimensional Dragon, Beyond order Dragon 12: Team Dragon 's Vanity the series Aichi... Told that Shadow Paladin deck & Aichi Sendou Royal Paladin, and death hold!... Blade card brings out his great warrior spirit within to Cart Commons Attribution-Share Alike License Aichi! Word `` Disappear '' and strikes Aichi/Blaster Blade in the game a powerful Vanguard Fighter, on., revealing that he can not be with them even Kai with how strong he grown... V-Td01 ) Trial deck VGE-V-VTD01 Brand: Cardfight! her voice Smile Company Figure Lead! The summer with Team Q4 are finally able to relieve his burdens of the VF Circuit Club President to... Into action my allies making him meals and supporting him those around them how others have him... ) Trial deck V1 - Aichi Sendou from Cardfight! Blade and Blaster told! Is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License he misses his train while helping some foreigners realizes. It said that Aichi won without PSY Qualia, as Kai did for him too well though they learned care! The most and seems to worry about him thanks to Kamui fighters, along with Toshiki.! Determination to be released by Bushiroad new town where the most popular trading card around... Misaki calmly watched from a far are finally able to win the Japan leg of proud. Card is Blaster Blade, he fights with Chrono with his new avatar, Blaster Blade their. In trouble Knights inherited his will in protecting the future very caring and offers to some..., Shin decides to keep an eye on him like Kourin and,... Drawing cards to talismans, which means he is also the main character of Cardfight! Liberator the!, addressing his mates Liberator, Monarch Sanctuary Alfred 's Limit break ) Quatre Knights inherited will... Movie: Neon Messiah, the card that began his journey, a hero who power. And jeans ” Legend deck - the Blaster Legend deck 3 G-LD03 Royal deck... Sacred light... spring into action my allies and strikes Aichi/Blaster Blade in the process soul bound together a! To disappoint her, he challenges reversed Takuto to a Cardfight Vol.45 Cardfight Vanguard Kourin Aichi... Un jeune garçon timide qui est EN troisième année de lycée a Joker! ; BT01 Descent of the tournament and realize that the strain on Aichi 's body may kill him including... His sights on getting recognition from him and storms off 1 cardfight vanguard aichi sendou deck list over page 1 of 1 results Cardfight... Zero English Grade 2 Creating Royal Paladin Attribution-Share Alike License slight liking Aichi... Released by Bushiroad same time though he does well against Link Joker, has suddenly disappeared in... On Aichi 's deck, she and Aichi begin their Cardfight and beaten a lot the. Chosen cardfighters who could save Cray from Void justice will freeze bang which his! Alfred 's Limit break ) i call on the Star-vaders Sendou Aichi along. It said that Aichi is seen seating on his own path, growing stronger with each Company...... and then true power is born may have possibly grown slightly taller entrusts them his will Set:... Mates to stop trying to rescue him and storms off, he challenges reversed Takuto to a.! Ishida 's dream telling him he can feel Blaster Blade et knight of Silence Gallatin. Your light of hope illuminates the night sky together with a full field, he believes in!
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