Cayenne is available as free and open source under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Download this project as a .zip file Download this project as a tar.gz file Unnecessary DataMap class generation setting datamap gen to false. Cayenne maps Java classes to database tables and automatically generates SQL to move data back-and-forth between Java objects and the database, which is a tedious task if done manually. Persistence; 1. You signed in with another tab or window. mvn clean install: Cleaning up the project; mvn cayenne:cdbimport: Synchronizes the map file with an existing DB; mvn cayenne:cgen: Generates model classes for our tables Apache Cayenne (or simply Cayenne, for short) is an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework for Java programmers. Apache Cayenne™ is an open source Java object-to-relational mapping framework. DB-first flow. Extension API. Normally each ObjEntity is mapped to a specific Java class (such as Artist or Painting) that explicitly declare all entity properties as pairs of getters and setters. CAY-1825 Simplify API for setting up query caching, CAY-1828 SQLSelect - generics friendly fluent selecting sql query, CAY-1829 Make ResultIterator implement Iterable, create ObjectContext.iterate method, CAY-1838 Deprecate EntityResolver.indexedByClassProperty, CAY-1840 Conditionally log slow / long-running queries, CAY-1844 Configuration for maximum time to wait for an available DB connection, CAY-1862 MySQL - allow specifying a length for TIMESTAMP and TIME columns, CAY-1522 EJBQL query don't support quotes, CAY-1677 Modeler: text fields discard input unless you press enter, CAY-1701 Modeler cannot undo pasting of obj (db) entity, CAY-1708 Modeler error when pasting datamap with EJBQL query, CAY-1714 ROP: Cayenne tries to build a query for non committed object when using more than 2 nested contexts, CAY-1725 NullPointerException from call to removeToManyTarget, CAY-1719 Modeler - Obj Attribute Java Type editor won't focus sometimes, CAY-1727 Modeler thinks entity is using inheritance when it doesn't, CAY-1729 PersistentDescriptor must have predictable property iteration order, CAY-1738 Tutorial cayenne-rop-server should be packaged as a war, CAY-1739 Cayenne ROP server resets session on every request if BASIC auth is used, CAY-1742 ObjRelationship inspector says "ObjAttribute Inspector", CAY-1744 Unexpected read-only relationships in vertical inheritance mapping, CAY-1749 NPE on simple nested context commit, CAY-1755 FaultFailureException resolving relationships to UNIQUE non-PK columns, CAY-1757 ROP: Faulting entity relationship resets uncommitted modifications made to its reverse relationship, CAY-1774 EhCacheQueryCache.get(QueryMetadata, QueryCacheEntryFactory) returns null if EhCache instance for group is not present, CAY-1780 cdbimport do not create xml file in resource folder, CAY-1782 Deadlock when performing many concurrent inserts, CAY-1783 JdbcPkGenerator.longPkFromDatabase would throw an exception if the PK value exceeds a range of Java int, CAY-1794 Duplicate attributes in discriminator columns of PersistentDescriptor. CBE Examples on GitHub Cayenne by Example Illustrating some of the major features of the Apache Cayenne ORM framework using simple examples. Download this project as a .zip file Download this project as a tar.gz file gurpreet-/ Create Project. CAY-1823 remove ":sync w/DbEntity" button from ObjEntity - it is redundant and already present on the entity toolbar. Konfiguration Das Setup ähnelt dem im vorherigen Artikel verwendeten. Contribute to apache/cayenne development by creating an account on GitHub. Download this project as a .zip file Download this project as a tar.gz file Mirror of Apache Cayenne. Download latest. Cayenne supports numerous other features, including caching, a complete object query syntax, relationship pre-fetching, on-demand object and relationship faulting, object inheritance, database auto-detection, and generic persisted objects. Learn more. No warning while saving the image with existing name, CAY-2331 cgen: broken templates for data map, CAY-2347 cdbimport: can't get all relationships on the first pass, CAY-2349 Cache issue: 'SelectQuery' with prefetches loses relationships, CAY-2350 Expression: NotIn with empty collection returns empty result, CAY-2353 Broken paginated column select with only one entity in the result, CAY-2354 DbGenerator.runGenerator must commit its connection, CAY-2356 EJBQL: Incorrect COUNT() on outer joined table, CAY-2357 Generic select queries silently convert result to nulls if no PK column found, CAY-2358 NPE when callbacks invoked on null objects, CAY-2359 EJBQL: db path in not supported in ORDER BY, CAY-2362 ColumnSelect: unable to use Property without type, CAY-2363 ColumnSelect: unable to use from nested context, CAY-2365 SQLExec query tries to convert (unexpected) result set into objects, CAY-2366 Incorrect EJBQL COUNT translation, CAY-2367 ClassCastException reading object with an attribute of type 'char', CAY-2368 ColumnSelect: Property.self() translates into wrong SQL code, CAY-1873 Move DataDomain cache configuration from the Modeler and into DI, CAY-1892 Modeler: Add Relationship Data Type Warning, CAY-2109 cayenne-crypto: add value authentication (HMAC), CAY-2210 Query cache: incorrect cache key for queries with custom value objects, CAY-2255 ObjectSelect improvement: columns as full entities, CAY-2258 DI: type-safe binding of List and Map, CAY-2259 QueryCache: support for referencing type-safe caches, CAY-2261 Replace NamedQuery with MappedXYZ in *datamap.vm, CAY-2266 Move EventBridge implementations into autoloadable modules, CAY-2267 Contribute lifecycle events listeners via DI, CAY-2268 DI: Refactor ListBuilder API ambiguities for before() / after() bindings, CAY-2269 Add support for date/time components extraction in expression functions, CAY-2270 Update function support in expression parser, CAY-2271 ColumnSelect: support for prefetch and limit, CAY-2272 ColumnSelect: methods to manually control DISTINCT clause, CAY-2274 Modeler: Validate case when dependent PK is marked as “generated”, CAY-2277 Create ClientRuntime with ClientRuntimeBuilder just like ServerRuntime, CAY-2278 Extract cayenne-postcommit module from cayenne-lifecycle, CAY-2280 Switch from commons-logging to slf4j, CAY-2295 "Sync ObjEntity with DbEntity" and "View related DbEntity" buttons aren't disabled, if DbEntity doesn't have ObjEntity, CAY-2296 cayenne-crypto: Get java type for DbAttribute bound to ObjAttributes with the same type, CAY-2300 Modeler: New icons and design improvements, CAY-2302 Rename postcommit module and its content to commitlog, CAY-2021 cdbimport: detect when same FK constraint is defined twice, CAY-2077 Bug in CayenneRuntimeException using wrong specified string in Formatter, CAY-2094 SelectById query doesn't work from ROP client, CAY-2161 'Not for Client Use' option is ignored at Class Generation, CAY-2171 Modeler: Undo db Entity Sync throws error, CAY-2208 SQLTemplate: LEFT JOIN to a subset of a table returns nulls for entries that don't have a match in the subset, CAY-2230 Error using connection to postgresql with db schema in DB URL, CAY-2240 Modeler: issue with cursor rendering for EJBQL query, CAY-2243 ObjectContext.getGraphManager().unregisterObject() inconsistencies, CAY-2250 Remove: Incorrect text in Confirm Remove message when cursor is set on attribute row, CAY-2256 Cannot Save/Insert an Object With null Flattened (complex) toOne Relationship (see also CAY-2146), CAY-2265 ServerRuntime.builder() fails to set default runtime name when a the project file doesn't follow recognized pattern, CAY-2273 Modeler: default suggested cgen location is rooted in subpackage, CAY-2275 Documentation: tutorial is out of sync with 4.0.M5 version, CAY-2276 PrePersist listener registered as PostPersist in LifecycleCallbackRegistry.addListener(Class, LifecycleListener), CAY-2279 cdbimport: skip PK comparison for VIEWs, CAY-2281 ObjEntity attribute overrides are never deleted, CAY-2284 Expression likeIgnoreCase can't handle unicode chars in in-memory evaluation, CAY-2286 Filter out inherited ObjEntities from sync with DbEntity, CAY-2326 DI: can't override List/Map elements from another Module, CAY-2139 Upgrade HSQLDB dependency to the most recent version (2.3.4), CAY-2150 Refactoring: ParameterBinding to contain ExtendedType property, CAY-2163 Property.path() , ExpressionFactory.pathExp(), CAY-2164 Relocate builder bootstrap methods from ServerRuntimeBuilder to ServerRuntime, CAY-2165 Explicit "contribution" API for easier expansion of DI collections and maps, CAY-2168 Split DbLoader to parts and clean it up, CAY-2169 Split DbMerger to parts and clean it up, CAY-2170 MergeToken sorting is highly unstable, CAY-2172 Cleanup Modeler import and migrate db actions, CAY-2176 Java 7 diamond class generation templates, CAY-2177 Sync auto generated state of PK between model and DB, CAY-2187 Support for the scalar and aggregate SQL functions in ObjectSelect API, CAY-2197 Update sqlite version and enable in-memory default config, CAY-2212 cdbimport cleanup and configuration schema refactoring, CAY-2223 JCacheQueryCache - a query cache provider to plug in JCache implementers, CAY-2225 Extensible CacheInvalidationFilter logic, CAY-2228 Deprecate multiple cache groups in caching and query API, CAY-2231 Support for collections in new functional expressions and old math expressions, CAY-2232 Proper conversion to String for new functional expressions, CAY-2235 Deprecate Query.getDataMap() method, CAY-2032 SelectAction: DistinctResultIterator ignores flattened relationships, CAY-2137 When generating SQL from EJBQL, use "AND" to separate multiple join conditions, CAY-2174 Change FK attribute name cause ObjAttribute appear after Reverse Engineering, CAY-2175 AliasName used in EJBQLQuery is not working if it contains mixed case, CAY-2183 Newly created DbRelationship is unexpectedly renamed by the Modeler, CAY-2199 Modeler on Windows: The same project is displayed twice in "Recent Projects", CAY-2207 Modeler: "Java Type" and "DbAttribute Path" are not saved with using TAB to move forward, CAY-2221 In-memory expression evaluation gives different result than select query, CAY-2236 Modeler Migrate DB Schema: unable to Reverse All Operations, CAY-2238 Modeler: Preserve manually set DbRelationship name when syncing with ObjEntity, CAY-2242 Vertical Inheritance: Cannot Insert Record For Implementing Class with Attribute And Relationship, CAY-2051 Applying new Reverse Engineering to the Modeler, CAY-2060 Replace Query objects in DataMap with query descriptors, CAY-2062 MappedSelect and MappedExec fluent query API, CAY-2065 Pluggable serialization and connectivity layers for ROP, CAY-2074 Support for catalogs in stored procedures, CAY-2076 Implement Jetty HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 Client support for ROP Client, CAY-2083 Implement Protostuff as serialization service for Cayenne ROP, CAY-2090 Untangle HttpRemoteService from ServiceContext thread local setup, CAY-2100 Add supporting generated keys for PostgreSQL, CAY-2102 EJBQL: db: path not supported in select columns, CAY-2103 cayenne-crypto: support for mapping non-String and non-binary types, CAY-2106 cayenne-crypto: allow DI contribution of type converters inside ValueTransformerFactory, CAY-2107 cayenne-crypto: Lazy initialization of crypto subsystem, CAY-2111 Unbind transaction object from the current thread for iterated queries, CAY-2112 Expose callback for "performInTransaction", CAY-2113 cdbimport: Reverse-engineering reinstates previously ignored columns, CAY-2114 cdbimport: object layer settings are not respected, CAY-2115 DbLoader - allow loading DataMap without Obj layer, CAY-2116 Split schema synchronization code in a separate module, CAY-2118 cdbimport: drop support for the old style of table filtering, CAY-2129 Modeler: reengineer dialog improvements, CAY-2130 Stripping common name prefixes on reverse engineering, CAY-2132 Adding SybaseSelectTranslator to support TOP/DISTINCT TOP in limited queries, CAY-2133 ObjectNameGenerator refactoring - unifying relationship name generation, CAY-2135 cdbimport: reset DbEntity catalogs / schemas to DataMap defaults, CAY-2136 Allow Ordering.orderedList(…) methods to accept a Collection rather than only a List, CAY-2222 MySQLAdapter should not create indexes on FK columns, CAY-2016 cdbimport: Rename table with toMany relationship causes migration error, CAY-2064 Issue with BeanAccessor for classes with complex inheritance, CAY-2066 Fixes for inner enums handling in ExtendedTypeMap, CAY-2067 Cayenne 4.0 connection pool is occasionally running out of connections, CAY-2070 Modeler sync function adds extraneous ObjRelationships inside the class hierarchy. CAY-1934 A problem exists where the escape character is not conveyed in the EJBQL when toEJBQL() is invoked on the expression. CAY-1804 Serialisation of long[] type was not working correctly. Mirror of Apache Cayenne. Contribute to atomashpolskiy/cayenne development by creating an account on GitHub. Darüber hinaus noch Objektvererbungen, automatische Erkennung der Datenbank, sowie die Persistierung generischer Objekte. CAY-2078 Client code gen bug. GitHub Gist: star and fork mrg's gists by creating an account on GitHub. Skip to content. Learn more about blocking users. CBE Examples on GitHub Cayenne by Example Illustrating some of the major features of the Apache Cayenne ORM framework using simple examples. JDK 1.8+ Maven installed (mvn) Resources. Star 0 … Modeling Generic Persistent Classes. See default Cayenne templates on GitHub as an example. It provides facilities for logging queries, commits, transactions, etc. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, - Fix prefetch of the entity with lazy attributes. Geschichte. Prerequisites. Darüber hinaus noch Objektvererbungen, automatische Erkennung der Datenbank, sowie die Persistierung generischer Objekte. Cayenne Modeler; Maven plugin; Gradle plugin; Include Cayenne Into Project; Create Cayenne Runtime Zusätzlich speichern wir vor jedem Test drei Autoren und entfernen sie am Ende: Paul … Quick Start. All gists Back to GitHub. With a mature, 100% open source framework, an energetic user community, and a track record of solid performance in high-volume environments, Cayenne is an exceptional choice for persistence services. Download this project as a .zip file Download this project as a tar.gz file Apache ist ebenfalls nicht eindeutig (ein Rapper, ein indigener Stamm in den USA; ein Kampfhubschrauber), und Cayenne hat vor allem mit Porsche zu tun. Apache Cayenne. Introduction. Key features. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Apache Cayenne is an open source persistence framework licensed under the Apache License, providing object-relational mapping (ORM) and remoting services.. Table Of Contents. With Cayenne's Remote Object Persistence, those Java objects can even be persisted out to clients via Web Services. Contribute to apache/cayenne development by creating an account on GitHub. Cayenne wurde von der … Überblick Vorher haben wir uns auf die ersten Schritte mit Apache Cayenne In diesem Artikel wird beschrieben, wie Sie einfache und erweiterte Abfragen mit dem ORM schreiben. And here is example of Cayenne Gradle plugin setup:,, Erweiterte Abfrage in Apache Cayenne. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Transparent transactions. You can use Cayenne Modeler to manually create Cayenne project without DB. Contribute to apache/cayenne development by creating an account on GitHub. Cayenne By Example ⇒ ; Introduction Apache Cayenne. However Cayenne allows to map a completly generic class to any number of entities. Cayenne wurde von der … All of these functions can be controlled directly through the CayenneModeler, a fully functional GUI tool. Documentation; DB First Flow; Commands. Build failed in Jenkins: Cayenne pull requests #253 : Apache Jenkins Server Build failed in Jenkins: Cayenne pull requests #253: Tue, 04 Apr, 11:06: Apache Jenkins Server Build failed in Jenkins: Cayenne pull requests #254: Tue, 04 Apr, 12:24: Apache Jenkins Server Jenkins build is back to normal : Cayenne pull requests #255: Tue, 04 Apr, 12:42 Kann ich die KI … Apache Kafka is an open-source stream-processing software platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation, written in Scala and Java.The project aims to provide a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds. ObjectContext. Create Project. Mirror of Apache Cayenne. Undo does not cancel pasted objects, CAY-2321 cdbimport: Reverse relationship is not created after adding and rev engineeering new db table, CAY-2323 Modeler: Graph. CAY-1761 cdbimport improvements: DbLoader must reverse engineer PK auto-increment state. CAY-2497 Modeler: SQL Scripts tab isn't scrollable, CAY-2501 Modeler: DbImport ui not loading columns for MySQL connector v8.0, CAY-2502 DataMap in DataNode tree view disappears after dbImport, CAY-2504 Broken detection logic of NoopEventBridge in DataRowStoreFactory, CAY-2505 EventBridge providers should be bound without scope, CAY-2521 Expression without Object ID disjoint issue, CAY-2530 DB Import and Class Generation from Project is performed for removed datamaps, CAY-2531 Importing same schema after Import Revert clears all entities in datamap, CAY-2533 Modeler: Exception on validating ObjRelationship without db path, CAY-2535 Imposible to import stored proceedure apart from db tables, CAY-2537 Generate DB Schema: Schema Generation Complete popup window is hidden, CAY-2544 Possible name clash of ivar and property name in generated class, CAY-2547 CayenneDataObject serialization issue, CAY-2304 Custom ClassLoader for Maven and Gradle plugins that use project dependencies, CAY-2334 cgen: option to force run from maven/gradle, CAY-2337 Save reverse engineering configuration with datamap XML, CAY-2372 Extract new modules from cayenne-server, CAY-2391 cdbimport: add option to skip user-defined relationships, CAY-2393 Add sqlserver-docker profile to automate tests on SQLServer, CAY-2395 cdbimport: add option to create project file, CAY-2396 Upgrade maven-assembly-plugin to 3.1.0, CAY-2403 Extract eventbridges to top level, CAY-2406 Add prefetch-related API to SQLSelect, CAY-2407 Modeler: add prefetch support for the SQLTemplate query, CAY-2410 Add prefetch type support for SQLTemplate query and SelectQuery, CAY-2415 Transaction isolation and propagation support, CAY-2416 Change TreeMap for HashMap to store data in Cayenne model classes, CAY-2422 Modeler: Open driver setup window on driver load error, CAY-2438 Split DataChannel filter into two independent filters, CAY-2440 cdbimport: allow cross-schema relationships, CAY-2443 Make SqlTemplate and SqlExec possible to return generated keys, CAY-2282 Various Update Issues With Vertical Inheritance, CAY-2370 ValueObjectType for byte[] fails lookup, CAY-2380 ReferenceMap should not store or return null values, CAY-2381 cgen: meaningful PK with boxed type ends up with primitive type in generated source, CAY-2382 Lack of synchronization in DataContext serialization, CAY-2387 Can't select byte[] property with ColumnSelect, CAY-2388 Modeler: Visualization issues with undo/redo actions for attributes and relationships, CAY-2389 DbEntity qualifier with DbPath expression translates into wrong SQL, CAY-2392 Modeler: Unable to remove DataNode, CAY-2397 Modeler: Unable to set enum:value as Entity qualifier, CAY-2401 Modeler: NPE in ObjEntity sync action, CAY-2405 Broken prefetch of entity with inheritance and attribute with custom java type, CAY-2411 Wrong resolution of ExtendedType with ValueObjectType for inherited class, CAY-2418 Modeler: unable to edit entity selected via Search, CAY-2419 Modeler: Not changing highlight on selecting search results within one entity, CAY-2420 Modeler: search is not performed for Stored Procedures, CAY-2425 Modeler: Migrate DB Direction field is locked if no option was selected in dropdown list, CAY-2429 Generate classes: Invalid template type: EMBEDDABLE_SINGLE_CLASS, CAY-2435 cdbimport: procedure parameters are not imported, CAY-2436 NPE in CayenneRuntimeException constructor, CAY-2439 Modeler: Error deleting dbEntity when show only dbEntities filter is set, CAY-2442 Broken EventBridge providers implementations, CAY-2152 Redesign project file upgrade system, CAY-2335 New XML loading/saving mechanics with support of plugable handlers, CAY-2339 Compatibility module to support old versions of projects at runtime, CAY-2344 Modeler: Save ER-Graph and class diagram, CAY-2345 Own template renderer as a replacement for Velocity, CAY-2346 Field-based data object with Map-based storage fallback, CAY-2351 Remove commons-collections usage completely, CAY-2312 Modeler: Undo does not work for checkboxes, CAY-2318 Modeler: Query. Quick Start. Modeler. Mirror of Apache Cayenne. No cryptic XML or annotation based configuration is required! In the following sections, we'll see how to interact with a MySQL database using Apache Cayenne ORM. Download this project as a .zip file Download this project as a tar.gz file An entire database schema can be mapped directly to Java objects within minutes, all from the comfort of the GUI-based CayenneModeler. CAY-1841 Filters for Left-hand project navigator, CAY-1842 Remove Listeners support from the Modeler, CAY-1843 DataMap v7: Stop saving listeners in DataMap, add upgrade handler, CAY-1847 Make ConverterFactory extensible, CAY-1848 New method: ObjectContext.selectOne(Select query), CAY-1851 Generate default serialVersionUID for generated java classes to avoid eclipse warnings, CAY-1852 Straighten thread model and synchronization in the Modeler, CAY-1855 Iterated and paginated queries must print result counts, CAY-1856 Expression.expWithParameters does not work when parameters are placed in the inline collection, CAY-1860 In-memory matching of DataObjects against ObjectId or int, CAY-1870 cgen - smarter default for 'superPkg' and 'destDir', CAY-1883 Clean up Cayenne maven structure, CAY-1886 cayenne-di module reorg, new exceptions, CAY-1890 Remove Cayenne-level buffering when retrieving LOBs, CAY-1894 Support native PK generation using sequences for H2 databases, CAY-1900 Allow DataNode name to be used as a root of SQLTemplate, CAY-1904 Simple injection-friendly constructor for AuditableFilter, CAY-1908 Refactor all SQLActions to work with DataNode, CAY-1911 BatchQuery refactoring - make Iterable, CAY-1913 Refactor org.apache.cayenne.access.trans into query-specific packages, CAY-1914 Refactor EJBQL-related translators to a standalone 'org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql' package, CAY-1915 BatchTranslator instead of performing bindings should return binding object whose values can be altered, CAY-1916 cayenne-crypto module that enables data encryption for certain model attributes, CAY-1918 Replace Oracle LOB hacks with JDBC 4.0 API, CAY-1919 Split DataNode creation into a separate DataNodeFactory, CAY-1921 Support for schema selection in 'Migrate Database Schema', CAY-1923 Optimize BatchTranslator - use fixed size array of BatchParameterBinding, CAY-1925 cayenne-crypto: add optional compression to the encryption pipeline, CAY-1928 Second INNER join generated for OUTER flattended relationships in disjoint prefetches, CAY-1929 Property.outer method to build OUTER join properties, CAY-1932 Improved Handling for Scalar Parameters Converting Expressions to EJBQL, CAY-1933 Problems in Evaluating EJBQL Statements with Integral Literals > Integer.MAX_VALUE. Exception after Undo clicking, CAY-2319 Modeler: Embeddable > Attributes. Apache Cayenne is an open source persistence framework licensed under the Apache License, providing object-relational mapping (ORM) and remoting services.. Table Of Contents. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Kafka can connect to external systems (for data import/export) via Kafka Connect and provides Kafka Streams, a Java stream processing library. Contact Support about this user’s behavior. Block or report user Report or block mrg. CAY-1936 ServerRuntime.getDataSource() returning DataSource of a default DataNode, CAY-1938 Create a DI factory for transactions, get rid of TransactionDelegate and modeler config for tx policies, CAY-1939 DataDomain must use injectable TransactionManager, CAY-1949 Search in configuration fields (Catalog, Schema) in DbEntity, CAY-1952 Undeprecate (actually restore) ObjectContext.deleteObject(..), CAY-1953 Redo ResultIteratorCallback to handle single row callback instead of iterator, CAY-1954 Make Cayenne class constructor protected, CAY-1958 SelectById - a new full-featured select query to get objects by id, CAY-1959 ObjectSelect query - a fluent API alternative to SelectQuery, CAY-1960 ExpressionFactory.exp(..) , and(..), or(..), CAY-1962 Implement CayenneTable column resize on double-click on the header separator, CAY-1966 SQLTemplate/SQLSelect positional parameter binding, CAY-1967 Deprecate SQLTemplate parameter batches, CAY-1971 Variants of : contains(..), startsWith(..), endsWith(..), CAY-1972 A property to override DataSources of multi-module projects, CAY-1981 Add support of JDBC 4.0 N-types (nchar, nvarchar, longnvarchar, nclob), CAY-1984 cdbimport doesn't flatten many to many relationships, CAy-1988 ServerRuntimeBuilder: synthetic DataNode does not have domain's DataMaps linked, CAY-1480 Implement cross-db functional expressions, CAY-1695 Unexpected null value in bidirectional one-to-one prefetch, CAY-1736 IllegalArgumentException when synchronizing entities in the Modeler, CAY-1795 "Invisible" ObjAttribute in subclass, CAY-1796 ROP: All entity's to-many relationships getting faulted from database when using it as a parameter in qualifier expression, CAY-1798 ROP: Reverse relationships of prefetched entity objects are not filled during server to client objects conversion, CAY-1799 ROP: Server can't deserialize LIKE expression with pattern already compiled, CAY-1818 Fix copyright year in the Modeler "about" panel, CAY-1834 Exception: ToManyList cannot be cast to DataObject, CAY-1859 NullPointerException when importing EOModel, CAY-1863 Make determining whether a particular database type supports length adapter-specific not universal, CAY-1866 Change in General Modeler Preferences reverts old settings to default value, CAY-1868 Select contention with multiple contexts, CAY-1869 ResultIterator from cayenne-client dependency is subclassed from org.apache.cayenne.access.ResultIterator which is present only in cayenne-server dependency, CAY-1874 DB2 Procedure action ignores the first result set, CAY-1877 In-memory evaluation of expression may fail with UnsupportedOpeartionException depending on order of nodes, CAY-1880 objectStore snapshots never cleared from RefreshQuery when "use shared cache" unchecked, CAY-1881 CayenneModeler (Mac version) doesn't work with Java 7, CAY-1905 Multi-step prefetching NPE : 1..N..1 with absent N and root with no qualifier, CAY-1943 XML file not deleted when a DataMap is deleted from the project, CAY-1961 Fix RemoveAction for DataMaps in ProjectTree, CAY-1964 Fix convertAdditionalDataMaps() in, CAY-1974 Copy/Paste DbEntiry throws exception, CAY-1978 ESCAPE clause should be included in LIKE parenthesis, CAY-1979 Prefetches on Many-to-Many Relationships with Longvarchar, CAY-1980 'mvn cayenne-modeler:run' seems to be broken in 4.0, CAY-1646 Synchronize tabs in Modeler between ObjEntity and DbEntity editor panes, CAY-1647 Easily switch to/from ObjEntity and DbEntity in Modeler, CAY-1717 [PATCH] Implement JDBC compatibility layer methods, CAY-1718 Remove everything deprecated in 3.1, CAY-1724 Add 'Property' class for easier and better Expression creation, CAY-1726 Expression parser support for bit operators, support for << and >>, CAY-1737 ObjectContexts listening to DataChannel events must be non-blocking, CAY-1748 IdCoder/EntityIdCoder improvements to work with ObjectIds, including temp ones, CAY-1753 remove light-superclass.vm class template, CAY-1754 Modeler suggested URL for SQLServer should start with 'jdbc:sqlserver:' instead of 'jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver:', CAY-1759 cdbimport improvements: add 'catalog', rename 'schemaName' to 'schema', CAY-1760 cdbimport improvements: Default adapter (if none specified) must be AutoAdapter, not JdbcAdapter. Block user. Apache Cayenne unterstützt weiters wie die meisten anderen ORM-Frameworks eine Abfragesprache auf Objektebene, Caching, vorausschauendes Holen von Abhängigkeitsbäumen, sowie Validierung von Objekten und ihren Abhängigkeiten. To that end, Cayenne supports database reverse engineering and generation, as well as a Velocity-based class generation engine. For the latest information visit project web site: To browse individual bug reports check out project issue tracker:, CAY-2642 EhCache memory leak due to misconfiguration, CAY-2643 ObjectSelect.prefetch(name, semantics) method creates a phantom node, CAY-2646 Wrong target path selection logic in cgen config, CAY-2647 Modeler: project upgrade from 4.0.B2 to 4.1.RC2 failure, CAY-2653 No methods for queries with qualifier parameters generated, CAY-2654 Exception in dbimport when relationships should be imported, but no explicit configuration exists, CAY-2627 Modeler: ObjRelationship creation dialog ignores delete rule, CAY-2628 dbimport: unable to add several relationships to existing entity, CAY-2631 Can no longer use "byte[]" as root of scalar SQLSelect, CAY-2632 Modeler: issue saving cgen path for maven project, CAY-2633 Modeler: attribute sorting logic in cgen can corrupt model, CAY-2634 Minor inconsistencies in Modeler "DB Import", CAY-2635 Lambda expressions break ROP serialization, CAY-2592 Modeler: make all datamaps selected in global cgen tab, CAY-2593 Add tableTypes field to dbImport config in dataMap, CAY-2611 Exclude system catalogs and schemas when run dbImport without config, CAY-2417 Modeler: wrong title in attribute context menu, CAY-2553 Wrong disjoint prefetch query qualifier, CAY-2565 Can't use new generated PK properties with dot() operator, CAY-2573 DI field injection is triggered when creating sql Driver, CAY-2580 Cgen: Can't use custom templates for client mode, CAY-2582 Double insert of manyToMany relationship mapped to Set, CAY-2584 Crypto: can't use ColumnSelect with encrypted columns, CAY-2586 Char can't be materialized to EnumType in some cases, CAY-2591 Modeler: project becomes dirty after click on dbImport or cgen tab, CAY-2594 DbImport: AutoAdapter resolving inside an import operation hangs up the op on Hana DB, CAY-2595 ObjAttributes are not sorted in alphabetical ordering on save, CAY-2596 DbImport xml config changes after dbImport plugin task execution, CAY-2600 Modeler DbImport: Can't retrieve schema for databases with no catalog support, CAY-2601 Modeler DbImport: result dialog issues, CAY-2603 NPE reloading project in the model, CAY-2605 Modeler: Unable to save - java.nio.file.InvalidPathException, CAY-2606 Can't resolve obj path with embeddable component, CAY-2608 Modeler: NPE when reverse engineering with an auto-adapter DataSource, CAY-2609 Modeler: can't close dbImport result dialog window, CAY-2614 Modeler: Connection test result window shown under other windows, CAY-2616 Modeler: Wrong handling of path with spaces, CAY-2618 Unstable property ordering in generated classes, CAY-2619 "to-dep PK" related dbimport delta confuses the Modeler, CAY-2624 SelectQuery "having" qualifier is not considered when calculating cache key, CAY-2570 Use MySQL adapter for latest versions of MariaDB, CAY-2506 Java class generated for Embeddable object is not serializable, CAY-2538 Modeler: dbImport configuration unclear behavior, CAY-2550 Modeler: ObjAttribute inspector modifies wrong columns in attribute table, CAY-2559 Modeler: Warning dialog shows wrong information after changing target entity in dbRelationship, CAY-2561 Modeler: cgen type combobox doesn't set templates, CAY-2564 No import for Property after generation classes with pk properties, CAY-2566 Flush action generates update for PK attribute in case of toDepPK relationship, CAY-2568 Class Generation: Superclass Package setting persistence, CAY-2569 Custom 'Naming Strategy' in Cayenne Modeler, CAY-2572 Queries are not sorted by name in data map XML, CAY-2446 Run Disjoint By Id queries outside of synchronized block, CAY-2447 Crypto support for LocalDateTime, CAY-2471 Support multiple XML project versions, CAY-2473 Modeler: cleanup attributes and relationship editors, CAY-2474 Modeler: swap buttons in dialog toolbar, CAY-2475 Modeler: move inheritance icon to name column in objAttr table and objRel table, CAY-2478 cgen: Generate properties for PK, CAY-2481 Support for Object[] as return type in SQLTemplate and SQLExec.
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